How to Use a Male Stroker Sex Toy

male stroker sex toy

Male stroker sex toys are designed to stimulate the anal and oral regions of the body. They can be used alone or with a partner and many have adjustable vibration settings to enhance the experience. Most male strokers are made of soft, medical-grade silicone and are compatible with any type of lube. Some are textured and others feature anatomically representative shapes like mouths, anus sleeves and vaginas. The key to using a male stroker is to make sure it’s properly inserted and that you’re using lube (don’t forget!). Some male masturbation toys are pliable and expand to fit any size penis while others are tighter for an intense stroking sensation.

Most male masturbation toys are reusable and easy to clean, although some may require special care. For instance, a toy with a reversible insertable sleeve will need to be cleaned with a special cleaning solution or warm water. Most of these types of sex toys are body-safe, and you can even enjoy them in the shower as long as it isn’t too hot.

The easiest way to use a male stroker is just to place it against your skin and slide it up and down the shaft of your penis. It’s important to feel the ribbed texture of the toy against your sensitive areas to gauge how much pleasure it will provide you before turning it on. If you want to add extra thrills, try stroking the stroker in the direction of your anus or closer to your foreskin.

Another option is to place the male stroker between your foreskin and a partner’s lips or tongue. This can be a great substitute for blowjobs or handjobs and can be a very intimate way to enjoy foreplay. The most exciting option is to use a male stroker during a foreplay session with your partner and then take turns stroking each other’s genitals.

If you’re new to the world of male strokers, it’s a good idea to start with one that is more affordable and see how it feels before considering getting something more high-end. Many people find that they enjoy strokers so much, however, that they’re happy to invest in a higher-end model later on.

Some male strokers are anatomically represented and look like a mouth, anus or vagina, which can be particularly exciting if you’re looking for something more realistic. However, there are also male masturbation toys that don’t look like any sort of anatomical part, and instead are more akin to a soft sleeve that can be manipulated to create different sensations.

For example, the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Sleeve and the Satisfyer Men Masturbator have hard cases on the outside that encase a soft sleeve of Cyberskin—a super-soft, ribbed material that’s easy to clean. These types of male strokers require less effort to use because the case keeps a consistent pressure against the sleeve inside, and you don’t have to worry about keeping your hand pressure under control.

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