The Best Sex Toys For Guys

best sex toys for guys

When it comes to male masturbation, there’s no shortage of options. From cock rings to strokers to prostate massagers, there are a variety of toys that can stimulate any genital area and bring an extra dose of pleasure to masturbation or sex. But with so many different products on the market, it can be hard to sift through all the options and choose what’s best for you. That’s why we asked a number of men’s masturbation experts (and our resident toy tester) for their top picks.

From the Fleshlight Flight Pilot to the app-controlled Lovense Max 2, these guys’ top picks can add some extra pique to masturbation, sex or both. And with some of these toys, it’s also possible to share your experience with a partner—a little something we like to call teledildonics. If that sounds up your alley, we recommend checking out We-vibe’s collection and their online-joinable WeConnect app.

Strokers, which are designed for stroking the penis, were another popular recommendation from our experts. They’re great for beginners, and many have a textured interior that can give the sensation of a mouth or vagina. This simple stroker from Tenga has two sides, allowing you to switch up sensations mid-masturbation. Duran, a host of the Talk About Gay Sex podcast and sex educator, loves his Tenga Flip Zero, which “has all these grooves and bubbles and cutouts that will let you explore sensations your genitals have never felt before.”

A few of our experts also recommended prostate massagers as excellent starter toys. They’re a great way to add some extra lubrication, and the anal area has thousands of nerve endings that can feel incredibly pleasurable. This Lovehoney prostate massager has seven vibration functions, ranging from heartwarming tremors to ground-shaking pulsations.

While sex toys for men have gained popularity, they’re still often seen as taboo in the mainstream. But as more men begin to embrace them, the conversation is slowly changing. And there’s no better time than now to try a male masturbator. As long as they’re made from nonporous materials like glass, stainless steel or ABS plastic and used with plenty of lube, these toys are safe for anyone who wants to use them.

The bottom line is that sex toys for men are an excellent way to increase pleasure, and even the simplest ones can feel amazing. Just make sure you’re using a nonporous toy, and that you’re adding enough lube—see our guide to the best lube for men for recommendations. And remember: different strokes for different folks.

For even more info on these top-rated men’s sex toys, check out our full buyer’s guide. And as always, don’t forget to use condoms if you plan on sharing these toys with a partner.

Considering the amount of bacteria that can grow on a sex toy, it’s a good idea to wash it frequently. We recommend using a toy cleaner or sex spray that’s specifically designed for this purpose, like PlusOne’s Cleanse or Satisfyer’s Xtreme Toy Cleaner.

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