The Best Hands Free Masturbators

hands free masturbators

Hands free masturbators are some of the most popular male sex toys on the market today. These wacky devices pump the penis at varying speeds with the touch of a button to deliver intense sensations that can be customized before, during and after each performance. They also eliminate the barriers that can prevent some men from enjoying their full orgasmic potential — like mobility issues, pain or other factors.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Savvy shoppers know to pay attention to the insertable length, maximum girth allowance and other features that can help them narrow down their choices. They also know that it’s worth checking out the compatibility with other sex toys, like cock rings and butt plugs to get the most out of their new hands free masturbator purchase.

Aside from being a major player in the orgasm game, these gadgets are great for guys who want to practice their stamina and increase the frequency of masturbation sessions without having to use their hands. Some even come with specialized settings that can force the penis to ejaculate at a set interval, helping to train the body and mind for clitoral stimulation over time.

They’re also a great choice for guys with a fear of losing control during masturbation, as the ability to set the speed and intensity of stroking sensations can eliminate this stress. And, since most of them have a simple and user-friendly interface, it’s easy for beginners to start off slowly and progress as their skills and experience grow.

As you can imagine, hands free masturbators have some pretty sexy applications in couples play, too. Many of them are compatible with a range of other sex toys, making it fun for partners to tinker around with different positions and sensations to explore their inner selves. And, as mentioned above, many of them are made with skin-safe materials that can be used on the nipples and other sensitive areas for a more orgasmic experience.

The best hands free masturbators also have a range of other cool features, like sync-to-music functions that can play a specific song or sexy audio clip to enhance the sensations and increase the orgasm factor during sessions. Some even have motion sensors that detect movement and correspondingly intensify the sensations.

Of course, despite the impressive capabilities of hands-free masturbators, they still pale in comparison to the thrill of a real-life sex session with a partner. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the investment for those who enjoy exploring their sensual pleasures on their own or with a partner.

Ready to hop on the hands-free masturbator train? Check out our buying guide to learn more about these sexy gadgets and how you can take your hands-free masturbation game to the next level. But, remember that it’s important to get aroused before starting to maximize the effects and your enjoyment.

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