Best Sex Toys For Guys in 2023

best sex toys for guys

From Fleshlights to strokers, these men’s masturbation toys will help you explore new horizons in the p-spot and beyond. If you’re single, they can boost your confidence and self-esteem by igniting your orgasms (orgasms release an immune-boosting hormone), and if you’re in a couple, they can elevate intimacy and provide a new way to explore each other (and yourself).

Many of these toys are built specifically for stimulating the p-spot — a curved shape makes it easy to insert them, though putting them in backward is not recommended. Some come with a second section that makes contact with the perineum for additional stimulation, while others can also be inserted to target the cock (for sexy oral masturbation or even anal play). Others are meant to be shoved up the ass — like the blow job machine from NOS and the Manta from Fun Factory — or to go in between the legs, such as the Lelo Cobra V2.

Male masturbation devices have been advancing fast. While a lot of people still consider them a form of ejaculation, they are much more than that. They give a whole range of sensations, from intense vibrating and stroking to pulsing and grinding. They are reversible and often discreet, so they can be used both in public and in private. And they can be combined with lube, which increases the fun factor and the possibilities of sex.

Whether you want to use a device on your own or with a partner, we’ve got the best men’s masturbation toys in 2023. From the bestselling Lovense Max 2 to the high-tech Satisfyer Stroke, all of these devices are designed to stimulate your penis and p-spot in unique ways. Some are textured, some have head vibration and some can be heated for extra stimulation. And the top picks all include USB recharging for convenient and quick recharges.

While most of the toys in this guide are built for solitary usage, there are a few that are great to share with a partner. The sleeve-style Lovense Max 2 has 9 vibrating bullets that act individually or in unison, while the luxuriously textured Kiiroo Titan FPS is more than just a stroker — it’s an experience for your dick. Other toys in this category include the sleeve-style Satisfyer Stroke, which is a bestselling model that offers 10 vibration modes. And the newest member of this category is the hot Octopuss Pulse, which is 25% more powerful than its predecessor and can be used with your dick flaccid or erect. Its skin-safe material is soft and flexible, letting you enjoy your toy in comfort while the waterproof build can be used in the shower or tub. And its sexy turbo mode is sure to kick things up a notch.

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