Hands Free Masturbators

The best hands free masturbators make it easy to enjoy your self-pleasure on your own, whether you are solo or with a partner. There are many types of hands-free male masturbators, from dildos to internal vibrators, but they all have one thing in common – they let you avoid holding on to the toy with your hands for ultimate comfort and sensation.

Some of the best hands free masturbators are automatic which means they do the thrusting for you, while others require you to do the work. For the former, you can pick from a range of strokers that have in-built motors to move the stimulating sleeve up and down your penis without any need for you to put in some elbow grease (try the Handy unit which delivers up to 600 strokes per minute, has an app for better setting customization and is rechargeable). Or try the Fleshlight Launch that slips on like a glove and uses different internal noodles, speeds, and vibration modes to stimulate both erection and penetration.

There are also plenty of manual options to choose from, with some mimicking the sensation of penetrative sex and others providing stimulation to both clitoris and anal areas. The Dame Pom is a cute little hands-free masturbator that slots inside underwear easily, while a number of other masturbators are designed to be held between the legs for even more comfort. The Blowmotion oral simulator is a market leader in this field and feels like real oral sex, while the Tracey Cox clitoral masturbator has a ribbed inner canal that is incredibly stimulating.

Other hands free masturbators include dildos with a suction base that can be stuck to the wall or other smooth surface, while internal vibrators have added thrusting functions and are held in place between the thighs by a pillow or tighter underwear. Some are even wearable and can be controlled by a smartwatch or smartphone for a truly hands-free experience.

When shopping for a hands free masturbator look at the size and position of the controls to ensure they are in an easy-to-reach place for you and whoever you are using it with. You can find remote-control options for many toys, but some are easier to use than others with simple, intuitive buttons. You might also want to consider the material your toy is made of and its reusability. Some, particularly those that are made from TPE, are designed for single-use and should be disposed of afterward, while other options can be re-used provided you clean and maintain them well.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the noise level of your chosen masturbator and how it will affect you or your partner. Some vibrators are very quiet, while others can make quite a lot of noise and are therefore best used behind closed doors or away from other people. With so much choice, it’s important to find a hands-free masturbator that works for you. But with our guide, you’re sure to find a fantastic one that will bring you to mind-blowing orgasms every time you turn it on.

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