Hands Free Masturbators

A hands free masturbator is a male sex toy designed to stimulate your penis, balls, anus, or prostate without the use of your hand. They’re typically covered in supple silicone and can be used with a simple water-based lube, although some models require the use of special lube that helps them to glide smoothly inside your body. They can be used by yourself or with a partner, and some feature vibrating motors, textures, or stroking sensations that make them extra orgasm-worthy.

Masturbation itself is a great orgasm-inducing experience, but hands free masturbators take it to the next level. By freeing up your fingers and allowing you to concentrate on other parts of the body, these toys can give you more orgasms than regular masturbation alone. They’re also more versatile than other male sex toys, making them ideal for couples, foreplay, or even just solo pleasure.

Some are shaped to feel like the outside of the anus, which is more akin to traditional masturbation while others are sleeve-like and can be worn around your body in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. Some models have a wide, soft or firm canal with varying width that’s perfect for massaging the anal area while others are narrow and intensely textured to feel like an orgasm-inducing climax. Some are able to bend, which can further enhance the feeling of the stroker on your clitoris, and many have a suction cup or ring to help you grip them.

There are even hands-free masturbators that can be used with a partner, or that can be paired with anal beads for tease and friction. Some have a remote control so you can get your sex on from afar, and some are waterproof so you can enjoy the feeling of it in the shower.

This year, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is our top pick for a hands-free masturbator because of its soft, textured sleeve, different stroking settings, and convenient value box. The Kiiroo Keon is another excellent choice because of its powerful masturbator motor, compact design, VR compatibility, and intuitive controls, and it has the added bonus of being able to switch between two vaginal sleeves.

Other hands-free masturbators can be used with sex toys or as mounts for other types of masturbators, including vibrators that go in underwear for people with vulvas and cock rings for those with penises. Or you can try a new type of hands-free masturbation with the AutoBlow AI+, which is a sleeve-style masturbator that lets you choose from multiple blowjob experiences and comes with an onboard control pad as well as an app to complement it. The possibilities for hands-free masturbation are nearly endless, but always remember to stay safe and use common sense. If you’re not sure how to play safely, consult a sex professional for guidance. And don’t forget to use a good quality lube that will help you get the most out of your experience. And of course, make sure that your hands are clean before and after use so that you don’t end up with a painful orgasm-inducing infection.

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