Buying a Male Stroker Sex Toy

A male stroker sex toy is a simple but effective tool for self-pleasure, allowing you to stroke your penis without getting messy. Typically made of skinlike silicone, these toys can stretch to fit your girth and are often closed at both ends for a more realistic feel. You’ll find a wide range of designs from basic sleeves to more elaborate tunnels and toy boats, but most perform the same function.

The best male strokers will feel like a real orifice. They’ll have a hard casing with a soft, textured silicone sleeve inside. The hard casing keeps a consistent pressure on the sleeve, so when you stroke it it feels like your cock tightening and releasing. This sensation can also be enhanced with the use of lubrication.

You’ll want to use a good quality lubricant with your male masturbator, especially if you intend to play in water or the shower. It’s best to apply lube directly to your genitals or the inside of the sleeve, though you can also enjoy stroking with the toy in your hand, between your legs or between other erogenous zones.

Many sex toys require batteries or rely on cords for power, but you should look for a male stroker that’s USB rechargeable. This way, you can recharge it on-demand and avoid the hassle of constantly purchasing replacements. Look for models with a long battery life, too. Continual charging or dead batteries can ruin the experience, so you want something that lasts at least an hour between charges.

One of the best male masturbators is the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust. It has a patented design that simulates oral sex while targeting three specific areas of the shaft for more intense pleasure. This male stroker sex toy is made of medical-grade silicone and is body safe, making it ideal for solo or partnered play. This male stroker sex toy can even be used in the shower or bath, as long as you have a waterproof lubricant with you.

Another great option is the Arcwave Voy male stroker. It’s the simplest option in this brand’s growing line of men’s toys, and it does a fantastic job of penetrating your anal area. It may look drab, with little variation in texture or the fancy Pleasure Air technology that other Arcwave toys boast, but it does the trick, and it’s easy to clean as well.

Unlike more sophisticated male masturbators, the Voy is fairly short in length. This allows you to insert it into an erect penis and suck at it with your hands, but it can also be inserted into a blowjob toy for added fun. It’s a little easier to clean than most of Fleshlight’s other products, and it’s inexpensive enough to be a staple for your sex drawer.

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