The Top Male Sex Toys For Orgasms

top male sex toys

Men have a lot of options when it comes to sex toys. There are vibrators for the penis or testicles, strokers, and cock rings. They can be used on their own, during oral sex, or during partnered play. They can also be inserted into the anal canal for a powerful prostate massage that can reach into the so-called male G spot and produce mind-blowing orgasms.

Regardless of their function, the best sex toys for men should be made from body-safe materials like glass, stainless steel, and silicone. They should also have no ridges that could retain bacteria or viruses. They should also be easy to clean and made with a wide opening for inserting or removing the sleeve. Lastly, they should be able to withstand vigorous use without breaking or leaking.

As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” While women’s sex toys have a wide variety of functionality, most men’s sex toys are designed to — for lack of a better word — be shoved up one’s ass (with plenty of lube). The good news is that there are lots of options available, and deciding on the right one really depends on what kind of stimulation the user is looking for.

Penis Vibrators

The top male sex toys for orgasms include strokers and cock rings, which are great for hands-free solo wanking and partnered orgasms. LELO’s Tor 2 is a powerful cock ring that feels soft and luxurious on the shaft and has six vibration patterns to choose from. This is the type of sex toy for men that is likely to get the eye of any partner in the room.

Strokers are a more discreet way to get an orgasm. They are sleeve-like masturbators with a textured inner canal to deliver sensations similar to a Fleshlight. Lynk Pleasure’s TOUCH is a great starter for this category of sex toy and has a ribbed canal that is gentle on the skin yet intense in its sensations.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate, aka the male G spot, is often neglected when it comes to orgasms. This is a big mistake as massaging this sensitive anal area can result in multiple orgasms, a feeling of weightlessness, and even “super orgasms” that involve tremors throughout the body. Men’s prostate massagers can either be vibrating or manual, and the former are usually the most orgasm-inducing.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Riley trademark Fleshlight’s anal masturbation sleeve is the best of its kind. The sleeve is molded after a woman’s vulva and cock, has multi-pleasure pockets, and is controlled with an app that can be shared with a lover. The sleeve is also made with body-safe silicone and has a flared base to prevent it from accidentally “slipping” into the anal and causing a dangerous blockage. The Max 2 model by Lovense is a more refined version of this toy with all the bells and whistles a playboy would want.

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